Let's talk about Jordan Peterson!

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Let's talk about Jordan Peterson!

Post by tomokun » Wed Aug 15, 14:33 2018

So, I avoided dude for a while because, quite frankly, his reputation made me think he was just another Ben Shapiro.

2 Interviews in, and I think my assumption is off. Based on those interviews thus far (something he did with Joe Rogan and an interview he did with a very feminist interviewer that I believe went viral), I think this guy is more like Sam Harriss than Ben Shapiro. But, that may not actually be the case of course.

So, that's why I bring it here. I figure, given many of his positions, that if there is some really objectionable stuff he's actually saying, this is the forum that would best be able to unpack it. So far, I find him very convincing.

For example, his position on pronoun usage is understandable.

As a matter of being polite, he agrees, and he will acquiesce to that request because its polite, and he's not rude.

If you are going to force him to be polite via rules or government force -that's tyrannical and he will act as a "conscientious objector".

Or in other words, his position is political, not ethical, and is not dismissive of the experiences of those with gender dysphoria. Its simply a matter of principle that for him is a hill worth dying on. While there is room to disagree with him on that conclusion, how important that actually largely depends on one's values. So, I can get behind that, in principle.

And that, from what I've seen, is his most controversial position. Beyond that he leans heavily on partisan rhetoric, which I also find off-putting, but the substance of what he is saying is still quite reasonable and well supported.

I'm of course, interested in anything which will contradict this impression. Or support it. I plan on going through all of his interviews, or as much of them as I find interesting, but I'd like to make sure I don't go into "fan-boy" mode if there are solid criticisms that I should be aware of.


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Re: Let's talk about Jordan Peterson!

Post by 60sBornFeminist » Wed Aug 15, 16:53 2018

I actually agree with his stance. (I believe I know what stance of his you’re talking about, but correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll delete my comment.)

Basically, he says that he would rather say things because he chooses to, not because of legal force. This makes sense.