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Re: Flat Earth Discussion

Post by DarkOne » Fri Jan 26, 5:13 2018

rowan wrote:
Thu Jan 25, 20:27 2018
Ohhh let's have some more math!

In terms of electric *field* the electric force is given by: F = q * E

Since also F = m * a for any object, we can write:

m * a = q * E

where m is the mass of our object (say, a person at 60 kg) and q is the person's charge. The Earth's charge is wrapped up into E. And we measure everything having an acceleration of 9.8 m/s^2 near the surface, so a constant acceleration. And E is constant. SO THEREFORE by this argument, aka that the acceleration we experience (what we call gravity) is cause instead by the electric force:

q / m = a / E = 9.8 m/s^2 / (150 volts/m)

[the units work out because volts contains other units, it's ok]

so q/m = 0.065333 Coulombs/kg or if you prefere their lower number for E, 0.098 Coulombs/kg

So this means two things:
1) every object with different mass has a different excess charge on it
2) those charges are HUGE. For a 60kg person, we're talking about 3.9 Coulombs -- FOUR TIMES the amount of charge discharged in a lightning strike.

Uh this kind of has Consequences, such as everyone would be zapping the shit out of everyone else in extremely deadly ways.
Whaaaa....? All I took from that was that turning flat-earther will give me zapping superpowers. Of course you can't zap anyone because you're a non-believer. See ya later, I'm off to lick some lead and get me some zapping powers.
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Re: Flat Earth Discussion

Post by Patterby » Thu Feb 1, 15:32 2018

Taurwen wrote:
Sat Jan 6, 13:20 2018
Isn't gravity the primary reason water stays on the surface? Centripetal force (what keeps the water in the bucket) pushes push outward, not inward which is what you'd need for water to stay on a sphere.
Brilliant! The same reason everything else sticks. Everything experiences 1 G.
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