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Activities for 1-3 yo's

Posted: Sun Jan 8, 16:13 2017
by Nachos
Hello! I just started a new job in a nursery where I'm in a class with 11 kids all between 1 and 3. I'm there as an extra helper-outer and to speak English to the kids, but I would like to suggest some fun crafting activities too. These would all have to be run past the teachers anyway to see if it is feasible to do them, but I'm just gathering suggestions.

So far I have only thought of mess-free finger painting ( ... -painting/)

Any other suggestions?

Re: Activities for 1-3 yo's

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 13:07 2017
by antfancier
I find has lots of inspiring ideas. Some look like they take quite a bit of prep, but if you're doing it for a whole class then it might be worth it. You can sort activities by age as well so it's easier to search.