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Just Can't Let It Go

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 7:55 2017
by Taurwen
There are parental wars (okay, I admit it, they are mommy wars) all over the internet. If it has to do with pregnancy/infants/children there are people fighting over it.
For the most part, I just do not care. As long as your kid is fed, hygienic and untraumatized I figure you're winning. There are subjects I feel strongly about (vaccines come to mind) but I don't feel the need to wade into the interwebs to tell people my feels.

Except there's one subject. I will always comment on it. No matter where I come across the subject I know I'm going to weigh in in the comments.
In my case it's leaving kids in cars. More specifically, little devices, or tricks to make sure you don't forget kids in cars. I love all those little doodads, and all those clever tricks. I think every carseat should come with three tricks and a coupon for some kind of gaget. And there is always someone who pontificates about how if you're going to forget your kid in the car you don't deserve to have kids. And I will always get into it with them. (Ironically I don't have my license, and we don't own a car. So everytime our baby is being driven somewhere we are literally sitting beside him with a hand on him. Its not a subject I worry about for my own family)

Does anyone else have a hot button subject they just can't pass by or am I a crazy person?

Re: Just Can't Let It Go

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 10:35 2017
by Bork
GAH. I hate hate hate hate when people get criticized for using reminders that you have a child in the car. The argument that "if you really cared about your child you'd always remember them!" is SUCH BULLSHIT. Kids are super easy to forget, especially if they fall asleep or aren't making noise. When my sister was two weeks old, my mom forgot her in the car because my mom was so used to just having two kids.

That was super off topic... I generally will let things go, because I hate confrontation and I hate getting into back and forth arguments that I know aren't going to go anywhere. And people can get really mean on the internet, because arguing with someone that you can't see is much different than a face to face encounter.

Re: Just Can't Let It Go

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 14:34 2017
by rowan
seriously you're so sleep deprived it's hard to remember anything.

IDK I try to avoid the wars, but probably the one I get into the most is the vaccines since they impact everyone. We're having measles outbreak here that the antivaxxers purposefully targeted our somali community.

Re: Just Can't Let It Go

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 12:58 2017
by Skeezy
Some people actually do honestly make the mistake of leaving the child in the car. In extreme heat, like 90+, its hard to have sympathy for anyone who got caught and is prosecuted. Its sad that children die in this way so often.

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Re: Just Can't Let It Go

Posted: Wed Jul 5, 11:17 2017
by DarkOne
It took me a while to get used to having a kid... I'd go to the store and wander away from my shopping cart and forget I had a sleeping baby in it... I've gotten over that by now.
But hot button topics... I don't think I get triggered anymore by any one topic enough that I feel the need to jump. I do get triggered by general idiocy or people stating [wrong] opinions as fact. I like to point whenever I can that if you think "Googling for 20 mins = Research" you're an idiot and we're better off with you out of the gene pool. I also call out people for asking medical questions that they really should be asking a doctor. Call. Your. Doctor. Any time any one posts that "there's no evidence that smoking weed is bad for the baby" (which is usually posted by teenaged mothers whose brain is still susceptible to said weed) I silently think "i'm sorry, kid, for the uphill battle ahead of you" but have decided that one is not worth the trouble.
Also, I'm in a local mom group and I'm quietly super judgy of people who complain that they can't make ends meet, can anyone spare some formula/diapers/food/whatever, then ask about ideas for throwing a big birthday bash or announce that [gulp] there's another baby on the way. Maybe it's bad that I judge, but I totally do.

Re: Just Can't Let It Go

Posted: Fri Jul 7, 13:51 2017
by Sonic#
Anti-vax discussions infuriate me.

So do discussions of gender expression in young kids. Specifically, I feel compelled to step in anytime someone tries to use young kids as an example of gender essentialism, as if kids are not already born and steeped in a culture that cares so much about gender. Partly that's my feminism speaking through; partly that's me looking back on my own childhood and noticing the utter lack of encouragement my parents gave to me liking cooking sets and playing house, compared to my liking cars and the color blue.

Re: Just Can't Let It Go

Posted: Sat Jul 8, 1:50 2017
by melsbells
Stuff around gender role prescription, especially among babies and toddlers gets to me. When my then two-year-old was jumping in every puddle the kid could see, I received the comment "He's all boy!" twice. Once along with the woman telling me how she loved jumping in puddles when she was a kid. This happened a year ago, and it's still bothering me. A baby/toddler can something that any babies and toddlers do, like being a picky eater, or having tactile sensitivities, or jumping in puddles, and then they get assigned a gender role because of it.

Re: Just Can't Let It Go

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 15:32 2017
by Enigma
Ugh, people who think their own brain is infallible drive me nuts. People forget things, because people are people. Omg.

My biggest challenge is the antivax thing. There is someone in my family (an intelligent educated person who I care about) who believes her childs autism was caused by vaccines. If we end up anywhere near that topic it's a goddamn disaster. I try not to touch it with a ten foot pole.

I'm also insufferable about gender. We're planning on having kids soon and plan on not finding out the gender to try and keep things gender neutral as long as possible.

Re: Just Can't Let It Go

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 19:18 2017
by Taurwen
We didn't find out specifically because we didn't want a lot of pink stuff if it was a girl.

Somehow MIL has still given us a ton of pink clothing that she'll change him into everytime she comes over.
I hate pink.