bad reasons for having a baby

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bad reasons for having a baby

Post by melsbells » Thu Jul 27, 14:49 2017

Okay, let's get this clear from the start. This thread is not about your sister's reasons, your neighbor's reasons, or your neighbor's sister's wife's lover's reasons. Only post ones that you have considered through your very own head. You may have acted on them or not. Being a bad reason for you doesn't automatically make it a bad reason for someone else.

I DO NOT want to be pregnant again, ever. But sometimes I forget to keep all my very good reasons not to at the forefront of my mind and come up with a terrible reason for having another kid. Some of them have been:
- I could improve upon my previous experience and not make the same mistakes.
- It can't be as miserable as it was last time.
- My kid doesn't share a last name with me, nor have a name from my culture. A second kid with the same surname but also a name my parents would already recognize would help keep me from being erased from my child's name identity. This might also decrease scrutiny of my family when going through border control.
- It might fix my current medical problems and stabilize my hormones.
- I could have unprotected sex for the duration of the pregnancy without the fear of becoming pregnant.

There have probably been more. What have your bad reasons been?

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Re: bad reasons for having a baby

Post by Taurwen » Thu Jul 27, 15:05 2017

-I loved being pregnant.
-My sister really wants a niece
-While I was pregnant and roughly 7months after a lot of my mental health issues seemed to balance out.
-I'd get more financial aid for going back to school.
-the first one was pretty cute, we could do that again.

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Re: bad reasons for having a baby

Post by Enigma » Thu Jul 27, 15:38 2017

- Baby shoes are cute
- We have extra rooms
- To finally be allowed to have an opinion on all the ridiculous things people say you "just won't understand until you have a kid" (my personal favourite: spanking/hitting kids)

Btw we do plan on having kids, lol. We have better reasons too.
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Re: bad reasons for having a baby

Post by geldofc » Thu Jul 27, 17:23 2017

-it will be so cute.
-it would probably make my family happy, temporarily.
-hmmm...pregnant sex.

Haha. I've probably had more dumb ones.
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Re: bad reasons for having a baby

Post by DarkOne » Thu Jul 27, 20:21 2017

To offset all these babies my conservative friends are having. I need to do something to help tip the scale.

I miss having a full pony tail.

So that I can park on that dumb "expecting mother" spot that's closer to the store entrance than even the handicapped spots.

Because using all this baby stuff just once really seems like a waste.
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Re: bad reasons for having a baby

Post by Sonic# » Thu Jul 27, 21:04 2017

To guarantee that someone younger about us when we're older.

To play more 3 player games

To get to go through this big Lego park for kids.

To think of names.

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Re: bad reasons for having a baby

Post by antfancier » Fri Jul 28, 19:03 2017

-I want a girl
-My body hair growth slowed down significantly while pregnant and until 6 months postpartum, so hair removal methods lasted much longer.
-I'd really like a small, light baby so I could do all those fun things like tossing it in the air and carrying it on my shoulders without risk of injury to myself. I'd also be able to babywear for a longer time, which I really enjoyed doing. And I'd get less comments about how big my baby is when I'm so small.
-I'd like to have a baby and formula feed instead of exclusively breastfeed. I wonder how it would change my relationship with the baby and how much more sleep I'd get (although if I did have another, I would find it hard not to breastfeed).
-During the second half of my pregnancy, I was the most confident, positive, together person I've been in my entire adult life. I wish I could be that again.

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Re: bad reasons for having a baby

Post by spacefem » Sat Jul 29, 19:00 2017

my worst reason was that I was working in an office with just a lot of really nice people and I knew they'd be excited for me.
other bad reasons:
pregnancy is a fun adventure!
last childbirth was a cakewalk
my kids asked for another baby - that was tempting, they really wanted one. but I take them to restaurants so I know they end up hating 90% of the things they ask for.
we've got an extra bedroom
bork can eat steak with a spoon.

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Re: bad reasons for having a baby

Post by rowan » Mon Jul 31, 19:47 2017

spacefem wrote:
Sat Jul 29, 19:00 2017
but I take them to restaurants so I know they end up hating 90% of the things they ask for.

- kid would like a sibling
- maybe people are right about end of life stuff

That's about it. I hated being pregnant, the last time I was pregnant the hormones were... really awful. Plus kid is now pretty big so another one would be weird and we gave away all our stuff. ;)
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