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Sleep for babies after 6 months

Posted: Mon Jan 7, 15:44 2019
by Sonic#
What worked for you?

The baby we have, at over 6 months, is pretty chill in most respects. He is happy during the day, he doesn't seem apprehensive at new situations, and while he has started to exhibit some separation anxiety, it's not bad: he's happy to be handed off to other family members or friends.

Sleep is another matter. Daytime naps aren't too bad: he may cry during the day but he'll go down within minutes for anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours. However, here's a typical evening:

7 PM. Night routine. He does a final change and feeding, I read to him, he is put down while drowsy. He cries; we leave him alone for 10 minutes and return if he's still crying.
8 PM. He wakes up crying. One of us goes in, assesses the issue (diaper? hunger? comfort?) and takes care of it. He goes down more easily.
10 PM. He wakes up crying. Same deal.
4:30 AM. He wakes up crying. My partner gets up and, if he doesn't seem ready to go back down by himself, cosleeps until he's up. (6:30).

There are a lot of variants. Sometimes there's a wake-up at 2, especially if we've been traveling. (Thanks Christmas!) Sometimes he'll go from 10 to 7. (YES.) But that pattern is pretty typical - he can self-sooth, but he's also used to being able to get a meal or comfort at call, and it takes a few tries for longer sleep to take. And I know for my partner it is physically difficult to ignore the crying.

I've been reading about other ways to introduce a sleep schedule. Some involve walking away for an amount of time, coming in and giving verbal comfort without contact, and leaving again until the child acclimates to sleeping for a longer period. Others recommend letting the kid cry it out. Others insist that the above pattern is pretty typical and fine if we're okay with it. So I'm curious what works for you.

Re: Sleep for babies after 6 months

Posted: Tue Jan 8, 19:01 2019
by spacefem
this is more than my baby slept at six months, so I think you're doing pretty good. I'm sure you'd like to sleep past 4:30 in the morning, been there! But never found the solution. I think. I forget. it's kind of blurry.

my first daughter didn't sleep until she was 18 months old. she'd wake up every 2-3 hours. we coslept for survival. we let her cry, she endured, I wasn't willing to let her go more than an hour. we did no cry sleep solution, it helped. it involves picking your baby up so they know you're there, putting them down, repeat at least five times before doing a whole rock back to sleep thing.

my second slept better, but we had a pretty low bar set, so she might have only slept four hours at a time but it'd be better than my first.

Re: Sleep for babies after 6 months

Posted: Wed Jan 9, 3:39 2019
by melsbells
This is far better than my kid was doing past 18 months.

In Helsinki, they have an overnight sleep class for babies. Parents can drop their infant off at the hospital for a night and the nurses there help the babies learn to sleep. I'm unaware of this happening anywhere else, but the program seems to be effective. I think my brother-in-law did it with his second kid. I'm not sure we would have tried even if we had the chance, but I did get quite desperate.

We were never in a position to try cry it out methods given the size of the place we lived and thinness of the walls, but I'm not sure we would have. When I could sleep further away that seems to help, like taking away the constant smell of milk kept the baby from waking up.

Cool air helped a bit. Sleeping outside was great for naps when we had the opportunity. Evening walks helped with the I initial falling asleep.

We were advised at the pediatrician to try to top the kid off before bedtime. Initially it was porridge made with breast milk. I'm not aware of it making a difference, but we still have bedtime snack at 4 years and I don't see that habit ever changing.

I still think you have a propaganda infiltration baby.

Re: Sleep for babies after 6 months

Posted: Wed Jan 9, 19:30 2019
by Sonic#
Thank you for the stories. I try not to get caught up in comparisons, but it's so hard when someone else is like, "Oh yeah, they're sleeping through the night after six months, no problem!" and we're nudging each other when it's our turn to get up at night almost every night. Did I do something wrong? (The answer is probably no, but a lack of sleep makes it harder to get there mentally.)

I topped baby off tonight. He straight up drank 7 ounces of formula after his prunes. If he's an infiltrator, he's eating well for it. :)