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Post by monk » Fri Aug 3, 22:39 2007

SakuraSong wrote: I (seriously) want to go for the FBI. Not joking either.

from what I understand, the path to that usually requires either a small stint in the military or at least 2 years in a patrol job in state or local law enforcement plus a degree.

You can't do law enforcement till you're 21 but you could do the military thing right out of high school and it would help you pay for college too
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Post by SilverHammer » Sun Aug 5, 6:06 2007

You have a more functioning and much better college office than I had when I was applying. Take advantage of it. Sign up in 1W2 to have visits with Malch, the earlier you go the better it will be, because once more kids realize they can go to him, it will be harder to find time and he won't be able to get to know you as well. He is an incredibly knowledgeable man and can be very helpful if you let him.