Romantic problems or how to tell people no

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Romantic problems or how to tell people no

Post by DOOM » Sun Oct 13, 15:23 2013

I'm a college student with a small problem that I'm trying to handle with the best tact possible. I'm a average in attractivness male and I am very friendly,outgoing and polite. My problem is one of my friends in my school she is very attractive and has been for the last semester and this one attempting to hook me up with her friends. I've out right told her I'm not interested in females but that only slowed her down for a month now she is trying to hook me up with males as well.

I can't exactly tell her I'm not interested but I don't want to upset her by continuously turning down every person she sets me up with. I've met some really good people through her but I only want people Platonically in my life and I don't know if I should just tell her I'm not into anyone. (I've tried telling her I am enjoy being single but that doesn't deter her at all.) I can tell she is determined but it seem to be frustrating her at the same time.

How do I stop her and retain a good friendship?
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Re: Romantic problems or how to tell people no

Post by rowan » Sun Oct 13, 15:43 2013

Say something like "look I appreciate the sentiment, and that you care whether or not I'm lonely, but I'm not and I don't really want to date anyone right now. How about I let you know if that changes?"

It kind of leaves the door open to her feeling like you appreciate the effort, but hopefully will keep her from trying to set you up unless you explicitly ask for it.
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