Starting a new job as a personal banker... terrified

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Starting a new job as a personal banker... terrified

Post by SallyTimm » Sat Jun 10, 18:28 2017

I've worked in banking but doing just a little sales along with mostly service.
I applied to a small bank in the town I live as a personal banker and I got the job. A bit stunned at first because I didn't think I had enough qualifications. Oddly enough, the listed job requirements weren't really that all intense. Well spoken, okay to good with computers, sales and service experience, and a high school graduate (not college).

So the job gets offered to me and I accept. I start on Monday. But, I was watching some online videos of a day in the life of a personal banker and they're doing things I never have done: home equity loans (I needed to read up on what exactly one even was!!! I had a slight understanding, but my GOSH!), going to small businesses and trying to get them to come to their bank, doing car loans, mortgage loans, answering investment questions!!!!

I'm terrified.
I haven't been able to sleep much at night because of the fear that overcomes me.
I so badly want to call and come up with an excuse as to why I can't accept the job.

If a personal banker did all of THAT stuff that was shown in the videos I watched why didn't their job description say that?! They saw my skill set which mentioned nothing of that stuff.

I can just imagine an older gentleman coming into my office and asking me questions about interest rates and me hyperventilating looking like a fool.

Anyone here work as a personal banker? Is it a pretty steep learning curve?

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Re: Starting a new job as a personal banker... terrified

Post by lillerina » Sat Jun 10, 18:38 2017

IANAPB, but part of a job is getting trained to do new stuff. It would surprise me if they just threw you into the deep end right away. I'm sure that you will get training, and if it isn't offered on the first day, I would recommend collaring your supervisor and asking about it. They hired you, which means they think you can do the job, and with some training, I'm sure that you can, too.
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Re: Starting a new job as a personal banker... terrified

Post by Nachos » Thu Jun 15, 13:56 2017

You will always get training when you start, so don't worry! In my first week(s) at new jobs you get to know the staff, the practices, the rules and regulations, and if you need training for the job you're going to be doing, that too.
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