Edinburgh Fringe Shows!

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Edinburgh Fringe Shows!

Post by Nachos » Sun Aug 13, 7:57 2017

Anyone went/still there/going to go? Write your show recommendations here!

So I was just there for a week from Saturday 5th to Saturday 12th and managed to fit in 28 shows! I saw a variety of comedy, theatre, musicals and odd things. :) This list is on order of seeing.

John Robertson - The Dark Room
Late Night Gimp Fight
Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes
Juliette Burton - Butterfly Effect
How to Win Against History
Alternative Comedy Memorial Society
The Dreamer
The Inconvenience of Wings
Fright Bus Service
Into the Woods
Translunar Paradise
Sleeping Trees at the Movies
Jenny Bede : Eggtime
The Toxic Avenger
Shakespeare for Breakfast
Dead People Don't Have Secrets
AAA Batteries not included
Abandoman - A musical in my mind
The Picture of Dorian Grey
A Super Happy Story (about feeling super sad)
The Prophetic Visions of Bethany Lewis
Aladdin (done in ballet)
Conspiracy Theory : A Lizards Tale
Nick Coyle : Queen of Wolves
Tape Face
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