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Re: harvey weinstein

Post by Aum » Sat Dec 16, 14:28 2017

Enigma wrote:
Thu Dec 14, 15:26 2017
I feel like any dude coming in here saying women aren't rejected as much/never approach men should have to sit down to a one hour lecture on my romantic history first.

Both genders get rejected and it hurts both equally. Men don't have a monopoly on that.

I thought we were talking about sexual assaults? Why are we now on the topic of men's feelings?
Rape culture and entitlement culture are one in of the same. Some men assume that because they have status, money, achievement, that they meet the qualifications to have any woman they want. It has been ingrained in them for a long time, by their communities and their institutions. There's also the rush of power some feel from their positions in society because they deal in circles that routinely wield power in a casual fashion. Politics, law and all the higher institutions are prone to this. They have a culture of hierarchies that treat people like crap and they are still steeped in the traditional models that worked against women.

So when men get hurt it's supposed to matter more than when women get hurt because part of the male entitlement culture is that their needs matter more, especially if they meet all the qualifications to legitimately dominate another person. Saying no to a man in power is the biggest insult to him because in his world power entitles one to no boundaries or limitations. It's why every discussion turns into one about men, when really this is supposed to be about the widespread assaults on women.
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Re: harvey weinstein

Post by Skeezy » Wed Dec 20, 15:26 2017


It kind of reminds me of wonder years but in my early 20's a bunch of the women I dated disliked being asked consent. I never feel like the learning process between sexes is over. Not asking consent wasnt entirely new to me but was at the same time. They were not as affectionate as other women I dated. A few disliked affection altogether. That was entirely new to me. Those few usually had serious life issues though.

On that same note these were women that wanted a man to take control. Their view of relationships seem skewed to me. One actually told me that I needed to "watch her" so she wont cheat. That relationship ended soon after because watch you? Really?

In each of these relationships the sex was great. However almost all of those women had a tendency to cheat. They seemed brainwashed by the environment and past relationships and their idea of what men should be.

I didn't agree at all. However they showed me not all women like consent and take it as weakness of spine. Its closesly related to that man who is "too nice" aspect of females rejecting men.

In the cases of Harvey and Roy its the inverse. Here we have apparently complete a'holes. I have to wonder are these the kind of men these woman sought.