Movies that are worth watching

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Movies that are worth watching

Post by Plotthickens » Thu Dec 28, 18:30 2017

So. Movies that are worth watching. With good characters of more than just one gender, good representation, strong plots, complex characters.... Where are they?

The Bechdel-Wallace test (even though it may be useful for predicting monetary success) fails half the Hollywood movies out there. Many really famous movies fail, such as the original Star Wars movies, some Harry Potter movies, the LOtR movies, Avatar, etc. And some truly horrible movies pass the test, such as Alien and The Purge. For fuck's sake, Netflix's "Bright" passes! So this test is not a good heuristic.

There's been some work at finding the "next" test. is interesting. However it mostly has horror, superhero, and kid's movies, all of which pass various aspects of the tests as listed for problematic reasons. For instance, many horror movies pass because it's just so gosh-darn fun to terrify/maim/kill the big-tittied talent.

So, where can I go to find movies that don't disappear women? Is there a set of reviews of indie films anywhere that give a shit about how women are portrayed? Anyone have any suggestions? Lists? Links?

Sources: ... -of-women/ ... ce002bcfc/
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Re: Movies that are worth watching

Post by Rainbow Dolphins » Wed Jan 3, 8:38 2018

Not sure what your taste in movies is but Raw comes to mind. It's an indie french horror movie and it's on Netflix. I really enjoyed it, the protagonist is a woman and so are some supporting characters, it shows her relationship with her sister, some of the issues young women face when they go to college. The gore and violence is pretty intense though, just to warn you. I don't want to spoil the plot because trying to figure out what's going on is part of the fun but like... you have to like that kind of movie.
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Re: Movies that are worth watching

Post by Mordak » Wed Jan 3, 8:42 2018

Green Inferno. Remake of cannibal holocaust but without the actual real life violence and cruelty etc. I call it vegan friendly hippie-rage-inducer. Hooray for green screen and computer graphics.

Into the Wild, if you like movies about kids who belong on the short bus. I learned the entire musical score on mandolin after hearing the soundtrack and knowing what I do about bush-food. I felt like I was trolling local tourists via song.

Oh god and The Grizzly Man. Not everyone's cut out for nature documentaries lol. My husband and I like to watch it once or twice a year before we go bush walking and taking photos. Those fucking drop-bears. Bred like the blazes over spring last year. We nearly ran out of Vegemite- worlds best repellent known to mankind. Gotta rub it under your armpits before you go on a nature reserve anywhere in Australia.

I got bitten by a mob of hoop-snakes last year hunting snipes. Those fuckers are dangerous and can smell vegemite.

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Re: Movies that are worth watching

Post by DarkOne » Wed Jan 3, 9:06 2018

This list you're looking for may not exist. But until you find your list, based on what I've heard and read (since I haven't actually seen it yet), Lady Bird should meet your criteria of movies worth watching.
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