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Taya Kyle

Post by Skeezy » Thu Sep 6, 12:10 2018

I see a lot of things that pop on facebook which irritate me. One reason I'm not really a facebook person.

I saw a feed about Taya Kyle. For those who don't know she is the widow of the real American Sniper who the movie is based on. Her husband was killed by a mentally ill person he was mentoring.

She spoke out against Nike and Colin Kaepernick saying they disrespect veterans and her husband and colin never really lost anything etc.

It bothered me so much I tried to actually find a way to contact her. I dont know if she'll actually get what I wrote or care.

Im so ready for change even if its civil war. To me everyone who's burning nike's or slandering Colins cause is a bigot. Its that cut and dried. They do not care about colins cause, as matter of fact they oppose it. With opposing people asking for simple human rights, I have to say that the division line is clear on who's racist (in the social sense of the word) and who is not.

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Re: Taya Kyle

Post by Sonic# » Thu Sep 6, 15:07 2018

I've been thinking of this issue in terms of the scale of response in relation to how someone is actually affected. So if I'm setting out with that as a pattern:

1. Response: Colin Kaepernick at first sits and then kneels during the national anthem in protest of specific harms.
How is someone affected?: Unarmed black people are killed by police in prominent cases, and police frequently engage in less visible but widespread racial profiling. Black people are injured, killed, and pay fines at higher rates. Trust in law enforcement declines.

2. Response: People complain and promise to boycott the NFL because Kaepernick and others kneel or stay sitting during the National Anthem.
How is someone affected?: No harm is done to other people. Kneeling breaks a social protocol.

3. Response: NFL teams refuse to hire Kaepernick for another season once he enters free agency, even though he was higher-performing than other quarterbacks.
How is someone affected?: Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem in protest. Some fans are angry. The harm is, again, social, and the NFL effectively picks one fan base over maintaining a right to political speech.

4. Response: Nike creates an ad in support of Kaepernick.
How is someone affected?: It supports Kaepernick's original cause by proxy. Kaepernick was also effectively punished for his political speech. Nike is also making a financial gamble that their audience will support this cause.

5. Response: People propose boycotting Nike.
How is someone affected?: See 2. Besides the original break in protocol from kneeling, no harm is done to other people.

In other words, Kaepernick and other protestors are the only ones directly responding to a substantial problem with a symbolic action. Other actors are, in essence, protesting or supporting a protest. They have turned the mere act of kneeling during the anthem into a provocation far more grave than it actually is. The only transgression is symbolic - the presence or absence of the national anthem does not materially affect the status of soldiers, veterans, principles of liberty, or anything else. And that's what really gets me. At least Kaepernick is fighting for something substantial. People complaining about Kaepernick are making a mountain out of a molehill, and using social protocol to obscure the original object of protest: the harms of police brutality and profiling. I view that as a sleight of hand that substitutes sham patriotism for any actual discussion of liberty or racial justice.

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Re: Taya Kyle

Post by Bork » Sat Sep 8, 20:11 2018

It's so frustrating how people have willfully mischaracterized Kaepernick's protest, and I think that's really what her response is about. It's not an anthem protest.

Personally, I absolutely hate that they play the anthem at all during sporting events (AND WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH GOD BLESS AMERICA BEFORE TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME AT A BASEBALL GAME JESUS FUCKING CHRIST). It's not supporting the troops, it's forcing patriotic pageantry down people's throats and I find it bordering on creepy. Like forcing kids to literally pledge allegiance to their country every day in school. If you want to support the troops, make sure that they're sufficiently cared for when they come back.
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Re: Taya Kyle

Post by rowan » Sun Sep 9, 21:18 2018

Also the mischaracterization that kneeling is disrespectful of veterans is bullshit. (pretty much agree with everything above)
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