How to Announce Baby #4?

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How to Announce Baby #4?

Post by Isabella357 » Mon Aug 1, 15:48 2016

I never wanted kids, but whatever, I had one and I didn't want her to be a spoiled only child, so I had another one. They were pretty cute and not so bad as far as babies/kids go. I kind of like them actually, so I really encouraged my husband for a third. He's not so bad either, but we are (were....) definitely done. It's funny how when you go from 2 to 3, people start wondering if you are part of some religion or cult or if you aspire to a reality television show. There were a lot of questions about how big of a family we wanted. I think people were actually relieved when I said that we were done with kids now that we have our set three.

When we found out that we were definitely having four last month, I struggled with the news for all of the most reasonable reasons: my dream of driving a mid sized sedan once we get all the kids out of car seats is now destroyed, we will never be able to afford airfare or nice hotels if when we travel, and we are now going to have to do all our shopping at Costco- weekly. I've been working through it, but I am not sure how to tell anyone else. I guess I feel like kind of a fool for declaring that we were done at 3 so loudly and so often.

My original plan was not to tell anyone and just let work think I'm getting fat until the baby comes. I figured I would just post a cute pic of the new baby next year on Facebook or something and when somebody comments, "Cute baby! Who's the mama?", I'd casually say, "Oh. He/She is my new baby and then move on." As I actually write this, I am seeing how silly this plan is.... What's a good way to tell everyone without the negativity or stupid questions? I should mention that while I am not one of those naturally kind and graceful type women, pregnancy turns me into kind of a monster, so I worry that if somebody even makes a face, I might eat them.

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Re: How to Announce Baby #4?

Post by rowan » Mon Aug 1, 16:44 2016

eh go ahead and eat them. I recommend ketchup, though. Or hot sauce.

Oh and congratulations and all that, it'll be fine. :) People do get weird but here are some random responses:
"well, I guess we were wrong!" cheerfully
"Shit, we we were wrong. OH well.
"IDK do you think we should get rid of one of the others?"
"You want one?"
"Well we weren't sure the first three would be enough sustenance when the apocalypse comes"
"We have W girls and Z boys, we're hoping for something in between"
"Actually we're hoping it's a cat"
"Did you realize that we just sent a new spacecraft to Jupiter? Isn't that exciting!"
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Re: How to Announce Baby #4?

Post by Carol Palmer » Wed Sep 7, 23:00 2016

FB pic is the best idea. All your friends and relatives can definitely post in comments or expressions . Consider yourself lucky to have many children. They are a blessing from God