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My Favourite Joke

Post by Taurwen » Tue Jan 9, 14:14 2018

I hate Freud, but he's responsible for one of my favourite jokes.
A Freudian Slip is when you mean one thing, but say your mother... I mean another.
So when I saw this one sale at my work I had to get it.
(it's just a mug called Freudian sips with a drawing of old-man-freud saying "when you say one thing but mean your mother")
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Re: My Favourite Joke

Post by Sonic# » Tue Jan 9, 15:59 2018

That's really cute. I'll keep that mug (or at least the pun) in mind.

Freud was eating dinner at a seafood place with a few friends. He ordered what he thought was a chowder made from conch meat. However, Freud's taste buds made him think it was clam instead, so he asked the server to send it back for some chowder with conch. The server walked it back to the kitchen. Then she heated the chowder, the way she did sometimes for fussy eaters, and waited a minute to make it seem like more was changed. She came out and set it before Freud. He leaned in and took a sip.
"Ah!" he explained. "What a clamity! The return of the un-conch-ious!"

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