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Around 1999 or so, I wrote an article about Hydrox cookies and how, even though they tasted better than Oreos, everyone thought they were cheap knockoffs.

I was happy to get e-mails from other concerned cookie-eaters who agreed with me and wanted to share experiences with other Hydrox "people", and I learned more.

The whole story was an upsetting one: a little bakery called Sunshine created the original sandwich cookie in 1908 and called it Hydrox. Four years later, baking giant Nabisco started making a similar sandwich cookie that they called Oreo, and they used their marketing power to convince everyone that it was the original.

By the time my generation came around, America had bought into the fallacy that Oreo was the original sandwich cookie and Hydrox was a knock-off and wasn't worth trying.

A lot of us still stood by our Hydrox because they were so much better tasting, but we weren't convincing enough. Sometime around 2002 or 2003 our cookies were reformulated and then just vanished completely.

Sunshine became Keebler and Keebler became Kelloggs and I turned my article into this silly website, where hundreds of internet nerds could validate my obsession, read up on the history, and see nice pictures. In 2008 Kelloggs brought the cookies back for a very limited time and I got to do some cool promotion-y stuff with them in honor of the 100th anniversary, but then all went quiet and this website is once again a tribute to a wonderful part of my past.

18 October 2020

NPR's Science Diction Podcast just came out with a fantastic episode about Hydrox Cookies! The name, the history, all the people who played a part and the fans who never forgot about it. Go check it out!

10 September 2015

Leaf Brands has started making these cookies! You can talk to your grocery store manager about getting them on the shelves, or go direct and buy them on Amazon - I'm on my second case and they are AWESOME! What a fun update to the story this year, Leaf, thank you for bringing back our cookies!

I suggest that you like their facebook page and talk to your local grocery store manager if they're not for sale where you shop!

11 May 2014

Could Hydrox be back? A few news sources report that Leaf Brands in California has obtained the rights & recipe from Kelloggs to make the original Hydrox Cookie... trust me, you'll all hear it if I can actually get my hands on some!

14 January 2010

I'm having a tough time finding Hydrox Cookies again, and hearing from lots of folks that our "limited time" is up. Sorry everyone, it looks like we'll have to wait another 100 years for Hydrox. It was fun while it lasted, thanks Kelloggs!

15 November 2008

Seriously people, Kelloggs has assured us again and again that they're using the EXACT same recipe they always have been (minus some transfat) and everyone I've talked to agrees that the cookies are just as crispy and delicious as always. I'm already halfway through the 30 packages I got, you'd think I would have detected a conspiracy by now if there was one. Stop commenting about how you think they've changed and have another cookie.

25 August 2008

Awesome Kelloggs flew me and three other Hydrox fans to New York to party, eat cookies, and even ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange! It was so incredible and there was lots of great press about it. Check out these links:

Everyone else... reports of cookies are springing up all over the country, go enjoy! If they're not in your grocery store yet be patient and talk to the management about plans.

28 May 2008

What is this? Hydrox Redux: Cookie Duals Oreo, Again... REALLY?

20 January 2008

We made the Wall Street Journal! Check out The Hydrox Cookie Is Dead, and Fans Won't Get Over It. I know several of you were contacted for the article, thanks for helping out, it's exciting to get our story out there.

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