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Wall Street Journal: Hydrox Redux: Cookie Duels Oreo, Again
May 28, 2008 - Yes, our cookies are coming back!

Wall Street Journal: The Hydrox Cookie Is Dead, and Fans Won't Get Over It
January 19, 2008

Hydrox article on Wikipedia
Just in case you don't believe me. If you read it on wikipedia, it must be true.

Bill's Best Sandwich Cookie
"You think Oreos are better? I'll bet you think that Oreos with Double Stuf are better still. Educate your taste buds. Hydrox rules."

Oreos to Hydrox: Resistance Is Futile
It's a familiar story: A small, fledgling company comes up with a great new product--so great that a bigger, more powerful company copies the idea. The larger firm flexes its superior distribution and promotional muscles, the smaller outfit watches helplessly as its business slips away, and that's that--another case of the strong running roughshod over the weak. (original location of article:,1640,4537,FF.html)

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