Seems like tons of artists out there have hundreds of pointless fan sites that don't do anything but add their number of fan sites - but not Jill! And I have no idea why, it upsets me, I think she's the most underrated musician in the world right now. This is my site for the cause - it's not huge on content or information, but I do hope to have a decent link collection and offer the world a taste of why I think Jill Sobule is amazing. Oh, if she were to stop by, be impressed, and schedule a show in Kansas, that wouldn't hurt either.

who's Jill Sobule?
A musician who's albums have gotten me through a lot of rainy days without going insane. That's basically it. I picked some of her songs off from napster a few years ago (when napster was legal) and couldn't get enough, so I stopped stealing it and bought the albums. Good choice! I had to buy a new Pink Pearl because I lended it to a friend and never saw it again, but that was alright because the love of Jill was spreading. Crud, I just told more about me than her...

Alright! She grew up in Denver but hangs out a lot in New York, from what I can tell. Her first album came out in 1990 and since then she's had several more, and there's mountains of bootlegged stuff available for us fans. According to everyone who's met her, she's incredibly cool and approachable. They have photos to prove this.

what's this?
My fan site! Can you believe it, me making a fan site? But trust me, there's no one more deserving than this amazing woman. More links are on the left, and if you'd like to suggest anything this site is lacking (content, now, may top the list) feel free to yell at me via e-mail.

quotes on Jill
"I LOVE Jill Sobule. If more of you could hear her then you would be overwhelmed with talent." - Anna Jewel, rolling stone

"Sobule's lovely, perky vocals often mask deeper issues addressed in her outstanding, sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics." - ink blot

"Jill Sobule has always stood apart from, and somewhat ahead of, the pack." - wall of sound

"She's incredible, everyone should own every one of her CDs" - Candi Frasier

"I have no idea who you're talking about" - my boyfriend