Catalog of Pregnancy & Parenting Resources

I was pregnant twice in my life. Each time I dreamed up more tools and resources that pregnant people needed. This page is a collection of all of those.

Due Date Survey & Statistics

I became oddly obsessed with due date accuracy while pregnant. Some people just accept that babies come "around 40 weeks"... I wanted to know the mean, mode, standard deviation, sources and study history. So I sought out published studies, launched my own survey that's at well over 10000 participants, and published several dozen tables and graphs with the data. This is what pregnancy energy does to an engineer.

Pregnancy Tracking & Calendars

Daily Pregnancy Tracker
A daily tracker that reports how pregnant you are in days, weeks, months, and percent completion.

Pregnancy Calendar showing all dates for each month/week along your pregnancy
A calendar for future planning, so you'll know how pregnant you'll be on, say, halloween or Christmas or that big vacation you're planning.

Spacefem's Weekly Pregnancy Blog
I picked a huge pile of wikipedia pages and wrote out some thoughts and advice for each week of pregnancy.

Calendar: Your daily odds of going into labor
When you're close to the end, you want to know what the day is. This tool assumes a standard distribution to tell you whether you're about to have that baby.

Baby age calendar
After you've had a baby and lose track of the days in a blur of hormones and sleep deprivation, keep this page bookmarked to quickly remember how long it's been since your kiddo's birthday.

How big is your fetus compared to your hand
A handy size reference

How big is baby: Sports Equipment Edition
Another handy size reference, for sports fans

Pointless Memes

User icon generator
Makes a tiny cute gif with your due date

Silly random predictor for when your baby will be born
Totally random. Almost as good as anything!

Find a baby name based on your names
Enter some names or words and this will pull from databases of names to make suggestions.

Find a baby name based on your preferences
Helps zero in on the right name based on how popular or rare you'd like your name to be.

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