Catalog of Pregnancy & Parenting Resources

I was pregnant twice in my life. Each time I dreamed up more tools and resources that pregnant people needed. This page is a collection of all of those.

Daily Pregnancy Tracker
A daily tracker that reports how pregnant you are in days, weeks, months, and percent completion.

Pregnancy Calendar showing all dates for each month/week along your pregnancy
A calendar for future planning, so you'll know how pregnant you'll be on, say, halloween or Christmas or that big vacation you're planning.

Spacefem's Weekly Pregnancy Blog
I picked a huge pile of wikipedia pages and wrote out some thoughts and advice for each week of pregnancy.

Calendar: Your daily odds of going into labor
When you're close to the end, you want to know what the day is. This tool assumes a standard distribution to tell you whether you're about to have that baby.

Baby age calendar
After you've had a baby and lose track of the days in a blur of hormones and sleep deprivation, keep this page bookmarked to quickly remember how long it's been since your kiddo's birthday. Pregnancy & Parenting Forum
The pregnancy section of my popular forum for feminist nerds.

How big is your fetus compared to your hand
A handy size reference

How big is baby: Sports Equipment Edition
Another handy size reference, for sports fans

Due Date Survey & Statistics

Survey results: Human gestation, pregnancy length, and due date accuracy
Series of charts, graphs and observations based on this very large survey taken by 10000 mothers on the internet.

Take the survey: When was your baby born?
Help me keep gathering lots of data on due dates!

Pointless Memes

User icon generator
Makes a tiny cute gif with your due date

Silly random predictor for when your baby will be born
Totally random. Almost as good as anything!

Find a baby name based on your names
Enter some names or words and this will pull from databases of names to make suggestions.

Find a baby name based on your preferences
Helps zero in on the right name based on how popular or rare you'd like your name to be.

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