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Enter your LMP or due date, and this tool will quickly generate a bookmarkable page that:

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Two ways to do this:

1) Enter the date of your last menstrual period (LMP), and bookmark the resulting page. It will change every day:
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2) OR enter your estimated due date (EDD):
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3) OR enter some random date, with how far along you are. For example if you know what date you conceived, put that in and say you were two weeks along (that's pretty good, for a lot of women).
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How does this work?

Naegele's Rule says that a baby is most likely to show up around 40 weeks (280 days) after your last menstrual period. So this script adds 280 days. If you're really a nerd, here's the PHP code to figure up a due date:
$lmptimestamp = mktime(12,0,0,$lmpmonth,$lmpday,$lmpyear); $duedate = date('r',$lmptimestamp + 280*24*60*60);
To read way more about due date accuracy than any expectant parent should, refer to my due date study results.

How do you find out how far along you are?

To find weeks: find out how many days along you are (simple subtraction) and dividing by 7.

To find months: find out how many days along you are and divide by 365.25/12 = 30.4375 (average number of days in a month)

How do you convert weeks into months?

Months = weeks * ([7 days in a week]/[365.25 days in a year]) * [12 months in a year] = weeks / 4.35

You will notice I did not say "divide by 4". This is because there are not four weeks in a month. A month is not 28 days. A lunar month is not 28 days. There's no such thing as a special pregnancy month that's 28 days. Pregnancy does not last ten months, unless you're a terribly slow incubator. This is all sort of a big pet peeve of mine. If you're going to bring new life into the world, check your math.

To convert weeks into months: find out how many days along you are and divide by 365.25/12 = 30.4375 (number of days in a month)

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