Deliveries & Due Dates Survey

In trying to find good numbers for my pregnancy script I ran into a ton of conflicting information, narrow studies, and numbers that were just plain made up. So I decided to create my own survey, which I admit is not terribly scientific, but it's something. You can help out by participating and sending it to your friends. You can even take it more than once, if you've given birth more than once. Or if you're just interested in the results, you can view the results.

All questions in this survey are optional except I must know:

  1. Date you gave birth
  2. Either your last menstrual period, due date, or how far along you were (fill in whichever one you remember)

I'm collecting first names mostly so people can contact me (example, if you remember in three days that you filled this out wrong, you can e-mail me and say "change the survey that Sandy took last Thursday!" and I'll know which one you're talking about. Fake it if you want.)

I do request that you only take this survey for births you personally have had, not ones you have just been around for or close to.

All fields may be shared with other researchers or published at some time. In fact I PLAN on sharing the birth story links if you include them, I think it'd be really cool for women to read stories of births that happened at the exact same stage of pregnancy they're at.

Your first name:
Country you live in:
Year you were born:
Month you were born:
Date you gave birth: M: D: Y:
Your due date: M: D: Y:
This due date was based on: Ultrasound measurements
Date of last menstrual period (LMP)
Ovulation or conception date
Or if you don't remember you due date, enter the first date of the last menstrual period (LMP) you had before this pregnancy: M: D: Y:
Or if you don't remember your due date or LMP, how far along were you? Weeks: Days:
Did your labor start spontaneously? Yes
No, it was medically induced
Type of delivery: Vaginal
Cesarean - emergency
Cesarean - scheduled
How many births had you gone through before this one?
(enter 0 if it was your first)
How many babies did you deliver at this birth? One
More than 3 babies
If you only had one baby, how much did your baby weigh? Pounds: Ounces: - or -
What was the baby's sex? girl
URL of your birth story, if you've posted it online:
Anything else to add? Did you know your conception date or cycle length? Were there notable complications? I welcome any suggestions you've got about the survey, too.