Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 0 weeks pregnant

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This week's articles

Month Week Day Article
0 0W,0D 0Pregnancy
0 0W,1D 1Uterus
0 0W,2D 2Gestation
0 0W,3D 3Obstetrics
0 0W,4D 4Prenatal care
0 0W,5D 5Zygote
0 0W,6D 6Embryo

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You're not pregnant yet! So I might as well use this as a general introduction to my weekly blog.

When I was pregnant I loved having something to read every week, I followed a number of weekly blogs and calendars. After my pregnancy I wanted to write my own, sort of "give back" to the world, but wasn't sure I had anything new to say. So I made a list of wikipedia articles to go with my daily pregnancy calendar. They were all just interesting topics about pregnancy, childbirth, and babies that I thought pregnant people might want to know about.

Looking at the list, I changed my mind about having nothing new to say. I did want to add commentary about why I chose the articles I chose, and add some personal stories to back up what was here. So you've got the blog!

Some paragraphs are plagarized from my livejournal from when I was pregnant. Some were written after I was pregnant, looking back on everything. And some aren't written by me at all, I love guest bloggers who know more about certain topics! If you have something big to share, too big for just a plain old comment, e-mail me and I'll add your story to a week! There are over 40, after all, so plenty to go around.

This blog is a little bit crunchy. I did yoga throughout my pregnancy, had a natural birth, I breastfeed, we cosleep sometimes when we feel like it. But not totally crunchy: it was still a hospital birth, we went with disposable diapers, we only cosleep when we feel like it. Throughout the blog I explain in little bits at a time why I made the choices I did. It's just one pregnant woman's perspective.

I hope this helps someone out, and is at least a little entertaining. Congratulations on being pregnant! You can say what you want, but everyone in the universe agrees there's nothing else like it. It's weird, it's magical, it's only nine months. Good luck!

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