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0 1W,0D 7Fetus
0 1W,1D 8Infant
0 1W,2D 9Prenatal vitamins
0 1W,3D 10Folic acid
0 1W,4D 11Vagina
0 1W,5D 12Prenatal development
0 1W,6D 13Implantation (human embryo)

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We're still not pregnant. BUT... now is a good time to make sure you're taking your Prenatal Vitamins. You don't have to put too much thinking into these, I just took the store brand ones from Target, and my doctor said that at first they don't even have to be prenatals. Just a simple women's one a day would do the trick. But in my experience, prenatals are the same price, and you'll have to switch eventually anyway, so it doesn't hurt to start them early.

You should be taking some kind of vitamin now though, so your body is getting enough folic acid to prevent birth defects. A while back there was a report about green tea interferring with folic acid absorption, so you might want to keep that to a cup-a-day or less if you're concerned. Folic acid has been shown to prevent some serious birth defects. It's recommended that we get 400 g a day... prenatal vitamins tend to have twice that amount, probably in case your forgetful distracted pregnant self skips a day.

Prenatal vitamins also have reduced amounts of vitamin A. So no, you cannot just double up on normal vitamins if you're out of prenatals, you'll be getting too much of a bad thing, vitamin A in larger amounts is a toxin to fetuses. You might also watch for vitamin A levels in things like protein shakes, meal replacement supplements, acne medications and skin lotions.

Anyway back to topic of remembering to take these freaking things... first pregnancy, I tried, I really did, I kept a bottle at home and at work and still failed a few times. Second time around I used one of those pill boxes with the days of the week that they give to old ladies and heart patients... sad but true! I do not believe that pregnancy makes you dumber, but I do believe it makes you... preoccupied. Who can blame us? It's life changing stuff going on here, of course the mind will wander!

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