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2 10W,0D 70Papa Don't Preach
2 10W,1D 71Stretch marks
2 10W,2D 72Chorionic villus sampling
2 10W,3D 73Conception chart
2 10W,4D 74Obstetric ultrasonography
2 10W,5D 75Docosahexaenoic acid
2 10W,6D 76Elizabeth Cellier

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I almost killed and ate a coworker. I'm not proud. I was just so hungry. He was talking to me about a project and JUST KEPT TALKING and it was 11:00, then 11:30, then 11:45... I hadn't actually made it until noon for lunch in days.

So when he finally shut up I ran out the door to my car and drove straight to Arby's and bought a crispy chicken sandwich and inhaled it... and it felt like nothing. Seriously, I was just as hungry. There was a McDonald's on the way back. I ate a chicken sandwich from there too. Was that the healthiest lunch? No. I had fruit at my desk, even. But I did not feel like fruit, I felt like CHICKEN SANDWICHES.

I gradually learned that I had to eat just about every hour on the hour to keep up with my metabolism. Despite dodging most of the morning sickness bullet, I lost weight my first trimester.

Hunger was my first pregnancy symptom and it really stuck with me. I used to eat a slice of toast and a glass of milk for breakfast every day. That week I was expecting my period to come, I was hungry at work every day by 9, so I starting eating two pieces of toast. That didn't fill me up either. When I told mom I was pregnant and told her how hungry I was, she instructed me to add protein to my breakfast and that worked... I'd eat two pieces of toast with cheese and eggs, fruit on the side. Then at 9 am, an apple. 10 am, carrots and peanut butter. 11am, some nuts. Noon: lunch. 1pm, crackers and peanut butter. You get the picture. It was insane, but if I didn't eat and my stomach got empty I'd start dry heaving and almost puke.

The hunger subsided as the months went on, and by the end I was back to eating three meals a day and a small snack in the afternoon. I was never as hungry as I was in those early weeks... until right after I had the baby! But that story will come later.

My guilty pleasure TV show: I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. It's this Discovery Health series that I totally hope they put out on DVD, full of stories of women just living their normal lives until one day they feel kind of achy, then worse, then OHMIGOD LABOR IT'S A BABY YOU WERE PREGNANT!

I think I love it because it's a private fantasy, wouldn't it be kinda fun to avoid all the stress and worries that come along with pregnancy, and just have a baby?

Of course it's not really such a great idea... some (but not all!) of the babies have issues because their mothers drank alcohol and smoked. In one episode a baby had to be hospitalized because her mother had group B strep... something that's always screened for in prenatal care and totally easy deal with so there aren't complications, but you have to know about it.

I just can't help but love the TV show. "I thought my stomach was upset because the pizza was bad, but out came a NINE POUND BABY!" "My family thought I'd put on the freshman 15, then I HAD A SON!" It's shocking, it's memorable, it's... kinda freaky how many women they find for each episode! Apparently this happens a lot? And they're all very different women too... some fat, some skinny, some have had babies before, some haven't. The only thing they usually have in common is a history of irregular menstural cycles, which is why they don't think anything is unusual when they miss periods.

It's a good show, that's all I can say.

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