Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 11 weeks pregnant

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Month Week Day Article
2 11W,0D 77Chadwick's sign
2 11W,1D 78Naomi Wolf
2 11W,2D 793D ultrasound
2 11W,3D 80Maternal-fetal medicine
2 11W,4D 81World Health Organization
2 11W,5D 82Fetal circulation
2 11W,6D 83Gestation period

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My doctor's office doesn't do routine early ultrasounds, I had to wait until 18 weeks (ahh!) but looking back it probably wasn't such a bad thing. I look at early ultrasounds and see a lotta nothing, hate to say it. Which brings me to a mini-rant: people, don't post 9,000 pictures of your ultrasounds all over facebook and the internet and every community you're in. Baby pictures are wonderful, ultrasound pictures... well, they're special to you, maybe. But I'll be honest, the rest of the world doesn't see much in them.

And keep in mind, if you push your doctor for early ultrasounds you're setting yourself up for an "iffy gender prediction". As in, the tech might see a boy or girl part, but won't be sure, and I think a doubtful diagnosis is worse than no guess at all! What good is it to have someone tell you they're "60% sure" it's a girl? You're doomed. I had a class at my hospital with one couple who was getting an ultrasound EVERY WEEK starting at week 14 until they knew the sex of their baby... I realize we like to say everyone makes their own "choices" about pregnancy, but screw that, I'm judgemental, my husband and I both rolled our eyes at that one once we were out of the room.

All of this craziness, the million ultrasounds, the overkill on facebook, has lead me to appreciate on very hysterical blog: STFU, parents. It's all about making fun of the way parents (mostly moms, hate to say it) interact with the rest of the world, including (but not limiting too)

Anyway, it's a great blog to read through and laugh at, and gives us a good way to check ourselves to see if we're sounding like crazy people with no lives outside our kids. Be yourself, it's awesome... and better for those kiddos in the long run anyway, I say!

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