Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 12 weeks pregnant

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This week's articles

Month Week Day Article
2 12W,0D 84Pregnant patients' rights
2 12W,1D 85Umbilical cord
2 12W,2D 86Silent birth
2 12W,3D 87The Business of Being Born
2 12W,4D 88Immune system
2 12W,5D 89A Child Is Born (book)
2 12W,6D 90Pregnancy discrimination

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Seriously I can't do anything right... I was supposed to be sick for the first few months but NEVER was, I figured "yay I'm a not-sick pregnant woman!" Then suddenly when I hit 12 weeks I started getting occasional waves of nausea. Not often, every five days or so, and usually if I'd been bad about eating & let my stomach get empty. Then "every 5 days" turned to "every 3 days" and so on... now I'm at 16W4D and it's happening more than once a day.

I'm usually up moving around doing something, and suddenly I HAVE to sit down, get a drink of water, breath deep because it hits me like bricks. I start coughing and my mouth waters and jaw tenses up and I think I'm gonna yak, but I usually don't. Oh until today in the car, we were rolling along the highway and it hit me and there was no water to drink and the road was bouncy and no deep breathing helped. Good thing I was in the passenger seat because I just lost it. I felt terrible, and now some poor highway worker is going to find a lot of vomit on the side of the road... husband had to pull over, partially because he thought it was a good idea and partially because he was gonna throw up too just listening to me. sorry if that was totally gross. Anyway after that I felt pretty good, we still went to the health club to work out as intended.

I have The Business of Being Born on this list. There are things I like about it and things I don't really like, but overall I'd recommend it. The film does a good job describing the "cascade of intervention" concept, a domino effect where doctors are just doing too much and that's why mothers end up with c-sections. I was disappointed with the very "black and white" world protrayed in the film though... they make it look like you can either give birth at home with your midwife, surrounded by candles and music and happiness, or you can go to a hospital where they strap you down and cut you open. Well I had a natural birth in a hospital, so obviously it's possible. The support staff was great, I didn't have to "defend" myself, I just told them that's what I wanted and the nurses gave me tips and cheered me on and everything was just fine. I think homebirth is a great idea, but you shouldn't do it because you're afraid the hospital will kill you. Anyway watch the documentary and decide for yourself, it won't totally scare the crap out of you. (For what it's worth there's another documentary I watched, "Pregnant in America", WILL scare the crap out of you... definitely unfairly portrayed MY hospital even. I hate it. So there ya go.)

If you want a the other side of the natural/homebirth debate, after you're done watching documentaries you can read through - popularly known as the blog of Dr. Amy, anti-homebirth advocate. She argues that homebirth is not safe, and presents some disturbing stories, so you have been warned, many posts deal with loss. Now, I've had plenty of friends try for a homebirth, and their midwives had good guidelines for whether they were low-risk candidates... no VBACS, no multiples, no heart problems (for mom or baby) or high blood pressure or postdates or... or... or. The real common thread in Dr. Amy's post about homebirths that go wrong seems to be midwives who do not have these guidelines, or totally ignore them, convinced that if they just trust birth everything will be okay. I for one do not trust birth: 100 years ago, only about 9 out of 10 babies survived their first day on earth. That's not a great record. I think medical technology can do better, but I'm an engineer/scientist so of course I'm bound to be biased.

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