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2 13W,0D 91Fort Worth Dallas Birthing Project
3 13W,1D 92Ina May Gaskin
3 13W,2D 93Maternity clothing
3 13W,3D 94Música en espera
3 13W,4D 95Childbirth Connection
3 13W,5D 96Jenny Gamble
3 13W,6D 97Water birth

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It's about time for Maternity clothes! Once upon a time on some random list of tips for pregnant women I read that it's still important to dress professionaly at work while pregnant. Buy maternity clothes, have some nice outfits. See if there are people you can borrow from.

I wore my normal clothes until around week 14, when I sprung for a Be Band that I really liked. It's just a tube of spandex you wear over your pants so you can unbutton them and nobody knows. It worked great for me, got me through a good six weeks or so, and then I had to get real maternity clothes.

I'm tall, so options were limited. I bought the "tall" size pants at Motherhood and was able to let the hem out another inch, and they were almost long enough. I tried to sew myself some maternity pants but failed because I thought I could just sew normal pants with a stretchy tummy panel. I did not anticipate the dramatic ass expansion, the hip expansion, the thigh expansion... are you getting the picture?

If you find a good deal on non-maternity pants that are a couple sizes bigger than your other pants, go ahead and buy them. No they won't last you long in pregnancy, but they'll work for a few weeks, and they'll come in VERY handy after you have the baby. It takes your body a long time to get back, and returning to work in maternity clothes feels really unsexy. You'll definitely spring back, do not lose hope, but it takes months.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was outgrowing EVERYTHING. I was down to 4-5 things that worked, and every week one of those items fell off the list. I know I was repeating outfits towards the end, and I told several people that if I went past my due date (which was on a Friday) I'd be returning to work in tents or sheets or mumus or a bathrobe.

Oh and my last tip: I laughed at "maternity underwear". I shouldn't have. Okay maybe specific maternity underwear isn't that necessary, but I definitely should have gotten some bigger underwear, because I totally ruined several pairs by over-stretching them. By the end of pregnancy I finally caved and bought, like, four pairs of big underwear and I just did laundry a lot, but then after I had the baby I couldn't exactly run downstairs and do laundry. This resulted in a nasty tearful fight with the sleep-deprived husband who doesn't like to be barked at to "WASH SOME CLOTHES NOW"... let's just say it was a low point.

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