Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 15 weeks pregnant

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Month Week Day Article
3 15W,0D 105Rosemary's Baby (film)
3 15W,1D 106Midwife
3 15W,2D 107Doula
3 15W,3D 108Nurse
3 15W,4D 109Window Water Baby Moving
3 15W,5D 110Yoga
3 15W,6D 111Babies (film)

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Good news: I'm at 15 weeks and I've been sleeping GREAT lately! I know first trimester presents a million problems for some people and I really didn't have much sickness so I couldn't complain much, but the sleep issue really got annoying. Every night I'd wake up at 2 or 3 am to pee, then lay awake for hours. Or sleep, but wake up a second time. I thought I was going to turn into a zombie. I was so exhausted. Well I've had nearly a week and a half of deep perfect wonderful sleep, the kind I used to have before my hormones got all weird. I still crash out at 8:30 most nights, sure, but then I actually get the sleep I feel like I need so hey it's worth it. Second trimester and I are going to be friends, I can already tell.

I did yoga throughout my pregnancy and it was wonderful. It was one thing that made me feel like my body was still "my own", one that I was in touch with and had control over, even with all the craziness. I tried a variety of videos. There was the cheerleadery Crunch Fitness one, the hippy zen GAIAM one, and finally my all-time favorite: Heather Seiniger's Yoga Pregnancy: Pre-Natal Workout. It was quick, invigorating, I loved the movements and playing with my balance. When I was 35 weeks along and still hitting tree pose, I felt like a rock star!

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