Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 2 weeks pregnant

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This week's articles

Month Week Day Article
0 2W,0D 14Hulda Shipanga
0 2W,1D 15Female reproductive system (human)
0 2W,2D 16Obstetrics and gynaecology
0 2W,3D 17Beginning of pregnancy controversy
0 2W,4D 18Menstrual cycle
0 2W,5D 19Matilde Montoya
0 2W,6D 20Conception dreams

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The only way to know if you're two weeks pregnant is to get IVF or something. If you're there, all I can say is wow I'm glad I'm not you because NERVES NERVES NERVES! One of the best things about pregnancy, I think, is that you don't have to be aware of this first doubtful month until it's almost over. Good luck!

This week's Wikipedia list features the article on scientific method, just to enforce the fact that we should appreciate science and avoid making rash decisions based on anecdotes. Let it be known in this blog that I'm an engineer. If you ever see me say anything contradictory to science, please let me know. I'm certainly not a doctor, nothing I say should be used as medical advice, but I appreciate browsing through a medical study every so often.

But anyway, since you're technically actually pregnant, I am going start in on a sad common fact that we all have to face: if first trimester goes well, it is really boring.

I'm on a lot of birth boards and everyone has the same questions about when they'll really FEEL pregnant... I think we're used to seeing pregnancy through the eyes of prime-time sitcoms, where babies are born in three episodes. Here's how they go:

In reality it all happens much slower than that (especially the labor part... oh and there's probably no screaming, but that's another entry). After you pass a pregnancy test, you aren't BIG FAT PREGNANT, you've just passed a pregnancy test. You might not have any symptoms for months. Some women get sick, some don't... I didn't. Everything I went through, like being a little extra hungry or sleepy, could have been written off as just a variation of normal if I hadn't known I was pregnant. My only symptom was a missed period.

And overall, I was shocked about how long everything took. My doctor didn't care to see me until 8 weeks, and that was for a nothing appointment that offered no verification of my pregnancy! My first ultrasound wasn't until 18 weeks. I didn't feel the baby move until 19 weeks. Wore my normal jeans for 20 weeks. Nobody noticed I was pregnant until the six month mark... I even lost weight my first trimester. So of course you can guess, it took a lot of reassurance that I was indeed pregnant.

Towards the end, I was glad that I only had to spend three months being really, noticably pregnant... once strangers were noticing and commenting, it got old fast. But reliving the early days has been a reminder of how slow it all progresses, and how eager we are for this to seem real... gimme a sign, anything! But I had no sign, no changes. Just a late period and that tiny line on a stick.

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