Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 32 weeks pregnant

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Month Week Day Article
7 32W,0D 224Adaptation to extrauterine life
7 32W,1D 225Unassisted childbirth
7 32W,2D 226Walpurga Hausmannin
7 32W,3D 227Barbara Harper
7 32W,4D 228Men's role in childbirth
7 32W,5D 229Men at Birth
7 32W,6D 230Labor induction

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I got to talking with my mom about becoming a parent, and there was this tragic bit:

Mom says to me, "You're a pilot. He's a DJ. I bet you guys think you're going to be such cool parents."

"Well yeah we're going to be cool parents!"

"Okay. Well, we thought we'd be pretty cool parents too."

(confused) "Really?"


"In what way?"


(Mom) "Exactly."

My hospital has a policy that we have to pre-register before week 37, and tell them who our chosen pediatrician is at that time.

I'd welcome any guest bloggers who have a more complicated checklist for this than I did... I just posted on facebook to ask my local friends who had a good one. Then I looked at that list, eliminated the pediatricians who were too far away or didn't take our insurance, and then called around to see who was taking new patients.

Looking back I probably should have asked some breastfeeding friends or even La Leche League for the more breastfeeding-friendly pediatricians. I mean I'm fine with the guy we picked, but I've had to take some of his advice with a grain of salt, and I think it's weird that any time we call with a problem the staff's first question is, "What formula is she on?" He told us it was okay to start solids at four months... that's not what the American Academy of Pediatrics or the World Health Organization recommend. He told us to space out feedings when Jo was about a month old and spitting up EVERYWHERE... turns out she's just a happy spitter. The vast majority of breastfeeding moms said that unless my baby is upset or looks to be in pain, spitting up (even a lot of spitting up) is just fine. Well, not fine if you're tired of doing laundry, but you get the idea.

I don't know that I'd need to pre-interview a pediatrician, but I wish I'd listened more to the friends whose parenting styles matched mine.

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