Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 39 weeks pregnant

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8 39W,0D 273Belly cast
9 39W,1D 274More Demi Moore
9 39W,2D 275Pleading the belly
9 39W,3D 276Babywearing
9 39W,4D 277Bassinet
9 39W,5D 278Childproofing
9 39W,6D 279Moro reflex

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There's something oddly fun about this time of pregnancy. I have a feeling I've got about two more weeks, first babies being late so often and all, and it's funny to see the look on people's faces when they ask my due date and I say "Oh not until next Friday." The man & I are savoring these last few days of independent childless married coupledom. I've had a nice healthy pregnancy and want to keep appreciating it, one day at a time.

Without a ton to talk about, I'm going to throw in some random baby stuff info.

We did not use a baby monitor because our house is not that big, and our daughter is incredibly loud. We own one, a cheap one, like $20. I used it to sit out on the porch one day and read while she napped. But to be honest even that felt a little weird.

We did not child proof our house while I was pregnant. We went the crazy route... just let the baby roam around and childproof based on what she liked to get into. Which, by six months, was everything.

We did do some babywearing! I tried a number of products... we had a cheap Infantino baby carrier from Target that I didn't like, but it fit my large husband. We had a baby bjorn I got on ebay that was very comfortable, I could roam around an art fair for two hours with my 16 pound chunk of a bug and barely just start to feel sore. The baby sling lasted even longer (weight-wise) than that. I borrowed it from a friend. The brand was NoJo, which is funny because my daughter Jo still worked just fine in it.

Babywearing was great when she was a month old and super fussy because she'd calm down and I had two hands free to make a sandwich. It takes up a lot less room when you're out in public than a stroller. It feels secure and happy.

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