Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 40 weeks pregnant

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This week's articles

Month Week Day Article
9 40W,0D 280Pregnancy school
9 40W,1D 281Patricia Rashbrook
9 40W,2D 282Dunstan Baby Language
9 40W,3D 283Baby monitor
9 40W,4D 284Infant bed
9 40W,5D 285Ruth Lubic
9 40W,6D 286Infant car seat

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No, I'm afraid I did not make it to 40 weeks pregnant. I was planning too! All my friends were going to go out with me for a "due date" party, we were going to eat spicy cajun food. My due date was on a Friday, it'd be a total party! But the Tuesday before my due date, around 7 pm, I started feeling a little achy. By 10pm I was having real contractions. At 2 am we went to the hospital and at 6:30 am my baby girl was born. The long version of that story is here. If you are still pregnant, keep your chin up, remember that you're at the top of the curve! The next few days could be very interesting for you.

And incidently, if a guest blogger wants to come in and write me an entry about actually accomplishing 40 weeks, I'll welcome it!

I couldn't help but throw a few bad movies onto the list... this week's is It's Alive, a campy horror about a doting mother who delivers a completely evil newborn. In a way I suppose it's a cautionary tale... if your week old baby is killing and eating animals in the yard, you should be concerned.

Since I had a June baby, I couldn't help but have a special place for "The Omen" as well. It's not really about pregnancy so it couldn't make the list, but if you're due for a June baby it's got some simple lessons for you. Like, if your baby is born on 6/6 at 6 am, don't name him Damien. Sounds obvious but apparently not everyone's aware.

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