Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 41 weeks pregnant

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This week's articles

Month Week Day Article
9 41W,0D 287High chair
9 41W,1D 288Neonatal teeth
9 41W,2D 289It's Alive (2008 film)
9 41W,3D 290Labor Pains
9 41W,4D 291On Becoming Babywise
9 41W,5D 292I Wanna Have Your Babies
9 41W,6D 293Love Finds a Home

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I definitely think we need a guest blogger to come in and tell us how things were at 41 weeks pregnant. At this point you're approaching "gestation goddess" territory.

I can talk about diapers though. We went with disposable. Do I feel great about that? Not really, I know they're not great for the environment & pricey in the long run. There's sort of this vibe on some parts of the internet that when parents make a choice it's SACRED, no one should criticize it, my kid my business. I'm not in that camp. I think sometimes parents should feel a little "we did the lazy thing" guilt.

But anyway my biggest advice about diapers is to always have your kid in the highest size he qualifies for. For instance, if size 1 diapers are for 8-14 pounds, and size 2 diapers are for 12-18 pounds, be ready to use size 2 diapers as soon as your baby hits 12 pounds! Do not keep them in size 1s for the "overlap", a 14-pound bottom in a size 1 is practically asking for a diaper blowout!

I had no favorite brand. Different types and sizes worked well for us at different times. We liked Pampers for a while, we liked Luvs for a while, we liked the Target store brand for a while. Just tell your friends you'll take whatever coupons they've got, and switch brands every time something bad happens with one. No loyalty from me, I'm afraid.

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