Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 5 weeks pregnant

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This week's articles

Month Week Day Article
1 5W,0D 35Human fertilization
1 5W,1D 36Father of the Bride Part II
1 5W,2D 37Medical ultrasound
1 5W,3D 38Gestational age
1 5W,4D 39Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara
1 5W,5D 40Human embryogenesis
1 5W,6D 41Human chorionic gonadotropin

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I probably shouldn't say this to the internet, but this was the week that I stopped reading the internet.

I had to, I was going insane! I had this weird pain in my shoulder, googled it, and found out that shoulder pain could be caused by internal bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy. Well that all didn't happen, I think I just slept on my shoulder wrong. But seriously watch what you read, because reading about symptoms is bad business when you're pregnant. You always end up at these long articles where page 1 is about how you're going to die, your baby is going to die, give up all hope now... then page 2 says "or maybe you have gas". AHHHH!

Someone told me that all this anxiety (and I swear, some of it must be hormonal) is just a precursor to get you ready for the rest of motherhood. You're wearing your heart outside... your heart. Currently it's in your uterus, and it only gets further away over the next few years. So these first few weeks of crazy are training for you to learn to relax. Do not take a pregnancy test every day. Do not stalk your doctor about your HCG levels.

Do call your mother. I was too anxious to put together a cutesy picture frame for the "future grandma!" like my friend did... Mom came over one Saturday and badgered me about "something is up with you! what is wrong?!" until I caved and broke out in tears like a bad court witness. I wanted to wait until I felt "emotionally stable" to tell her... well that doesn't work with mothers! THEY KNOW.

In fact, I added it to my top 9: talk to other women. So many millions of them understand. They know it doesn't have to be an instant celebration, they know you're scared, they know about the crazy hormones and the sleepless nights (or incredibly sleepy nights, either way). I had to break the news early to one of the hardest, strictest, no-nonesense women I've ever worked with... it was one of those "I'm sorry, and this is no excuse I know, but I'm pregnant..." speeches. She just said "Awwwwe", just melted, told me everything was going to be okay and she was totally there for me whatever I needed. It was so wonderful.

I decided, and for good reason, to tell as few people as possible until first trimester was over, so I'd know if this would really stick or not. I still think that's a good decision. But do tell someone. That dear man who got you pregnant is, hate to say it, a man. He doesn't go through this. He's lived his entire life knowing that he'll never have to go through this. You've got to talk to women, women who've had babies... they know.

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