Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 6 weeks pregnant

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This week's articles

Month Week Day Article
1 6W,0D 42Maternal physiological changes in pregnancy
1 6W,1D 43HCG pregnancy strip test
1 6W,2D 44Prenatal diagnosis
1 6W,3D 45Neural development in humans
1 6W,4D 46Our Bodies, Ourselves
1 6W,5D 47Morning sickness
1 6W,6D 48Mamie Cadden

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I'm one of those women who had no signs of pregnancy except for a missed period and those drugstore tests... I could have totally missed it! I was feeling weird, like "any day now" morning sickness could sneak up and grab me and I'd never feel the same.

I also of course wondered if it wasn't a "real" pregnancy... my doctor had no interest in seeing me before week 8, so I felt totally on my own, and was scared to DEATH that I wouldn't stay pregnant. Talking to people helped so much. I found out that one of my best girlfriends was her moms first baby, but second pregnancy. She said yes, it's scary that miscarriage risk is always looming, but if her mom hadn't had one she might not be there! Making babies is a big deal, nature wants to make sure you use the perfect egg. It relaxed me a tiny bit.

Mom had also told me that I was allowed to call her at any time and she would drop whatever she was doing and listen... she's got a job where she can't exactly do that all the time, but she assured me it was okay. Just don't feel like you have to go through anything alone, she said, any feeling, and doubt.

This week in Wikipedia: Our Bodies, Ourselves. My sister got me the pregnancy version of this book as a "congratulations!" present because she didn't want me getting all my health info off the scary internet (good call) and it's a very nice book. It's a balanced view of all things pregnancy, from start to birth.

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