Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 8 weeks pregnant

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This week's articles

Month Week Day Article
1 8W,0D 56Twins
1 8W,1D 57Placenta
1 8W,2D 58She's Having a Baby
1 8W,3D 59Fundal height
1 8W,4D 60Midwives Act 1902
2 8W,5D 61Vaginal delivery
2 8W,6D 62Waitress (film)

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I had my first prenatal appointment, and didn't even get a lousy t-shirt. Seriously, no one prepared me for the nothing that went on here.

I did tell the nurse I was a little nervous about my first prenatal appointment, and she didn't seem to understand why. She asked questions, the PA asked questions, they did a quick exam and took a lot of blood. The blood lady said they'd call me if there was anything wrong. I replied, "Including if I'm not pregnant, right? You'll call me if I'm not pregnant?" She just looked confused and said this was a prenatal appointment. Well yeah, because I scheduled it, not because some automatic pregnancy lightbulb in the sky went off above me and I got sucked into a magic wormhole for the knocked up (not my exact words). She asked if I took a home test, I said yes it was positive, she exclaimed, "Then you're pregnant!"

It just seems so funny that they took my word for all this. Gave me a goody bag full of vitamins and magazines and pamphlets. Took the time to get family history and ask about my plans... natural childbirth? I said probably but I'm actually not sure. Would I be willing to get a blood transfusion? What? Sure I guess. Did I want prenatal testing to see what genetic problems the kid could have? I don't know! I feel like when I got engaged and everyone started asking what my wedding colors would be. I didn't know I was supposed to have this stockpile of answers ready so early, like it's pre-planned or something.

Fundal Height gets measured way later in pregnancy, but I think it's a good thing to know about because measurements are interesting to start early and on your own. The size numbers don't change much at this stage, but they certainly do later on so get a measuring tape and start writing stuff down now, it's totally fun!

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