Spacefem's Weekly Wikipedia Pregnancy Blog: 9 weeks pregnant

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This week's articles

Month Week Day Article
2 9W,0D 63Nutrition and pregnancy
2 9W,1D 64Multiple births
2 9W,2D 65Heart development
2 9W,3D 66Amniocentesis
2 9W,4D 67Henci Goer
2 9W,5D 68Birthing center
2 9W,6D 69Heredity

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I was feeling weird, especially towards the end of the day. I'd get cramps, like menstrual cramps. Apparently it was my uterus stretching, it's about the size of a grapefruit! And how weird is it that your stomach muscles change? I couldn't push my stomach out, it was just out.

Call for guest blogger... did anyone choose to go through a birthing center for your prenatal care and birth? I'd love to get some more perspective on this topic.

Could maybe use an expert to talk about Heredity and genetics as well... this subject facinated me, because I wanted to know what my baby would "be like", but it's so complicated!

I do have this random link eye color calculator link to share. There are very few non-wikipedia links on this blog but I thought that one was a cool toy. My husband has deep brown eyes and dark hair and dark skin, I have pale skin, brown hair and blue eyes. I always had a sneaking suspicion that any kids we had would look exactly like him.

My friend Laura says babies usually look like their daddies when they're born, regardless of genetics. This is partially for evolutionary reasons so the men know the babies are theirs. Either that, or men just look like babies. Probably a little of both.

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