Do You Need A Boyfriend?

Maybe you've never had a boyfriend, but think they look like fun. Or maybe you had one but lost him and want him (or someone like him) back. Or maybe you have one now, but can't decide if he's outlived his use yet. Either way, you need to find out if you need a boyfriend.

So why not let a cheesy random online test help you decide?

Yes, friends, through the wonders of technology the amazing will tell you if you, yes you, need a boyfriend. This test is only for unmarried women (or gay men, I suppose)... the rest of you will have to take one of our other tests. But the rest of you can have fun with this and hopefully get the results you're looking for in the end.

What's your situation?
I've never had a boyfriend
I currently have a boyfriend
I used to have a boyfriend
I almost have a boyfriend
I ate my boyfriend

Under 14
To perfection!

What's your favorite thing about yourself?
You're pretty
You're smart
You're tough
You're unique

What's a good way to end a relationship?
The "lets be friends" technique
"Okay boys, raise your hand if I'm your girlfriend! Ooops... not so fast, Fred..."
Push him down and run!
Move to another city

Who picks your clothes out for you?
My friends
My self!
My mom
Somebody else

Pick one of these things you can do:
Change a spark plug
Install a hard drive
Re-wire a wall outlet
Make toast

Why do you wear makeup?
I don't wear makeup, thankyouverymuch
Because it's fun to put on
Because I feel prettier
To conform to society's cruel standards

What are you best at?
Creating things
Being a good friend
Solving problems
Knowing things

What's the best thing about womanhood?
The clothing styles change more often
We're not as aggressive
We smell better
We're smarter

What's the worst thing about men?
Body hair!
They're crude
They think they know everything
They'll never understand women

And finally, have you ever kicked a man, poured kerosene on him, and set him on fire?
Not entirely