What Kind of Evil Are You?

Let's face it: we're all a little evil. But we're not the same evil. Some are more emotional. Some are more creative. And some are just, well, more evil.

So, what do you get with fuzzy catagories that don't make much sense in the first place? A great subject for a stupid internet quiz! Yes! Come one and all, find out just what kind of evil is in you.

When you see a man walking down the street, do you
Smile and wave in hopes that he will ask you for your number or touch your butt.
Just keep walking. He's just a guy, what's wrong with that?
Kick him in the groin, pour kerosene on him, and set him on fire.
Hey, I already took this quiz...

What's the most evil pet you've ever had?
A dog.
A cat.
A snake, spider, or nasty insect type thing.
A FERRET! (this is the most evil pet, trust me)

Why do your friends like you?
Because you bake them cookies and things
You're just generally fun to be around
You get them to do stuff they'd be afraid to do without you
You have a fantastic secret underground lair in a volcano on an island

If you found a human brain on the street, what would you do?
Call the police. Or at least a biology major.
Tell that real stupid kid in your class that you found something he lost
Is it grill time, or is it just me?
Dig up a body, do some surgery, blah blah blah... "IT'S ALIVE!!!"

Ever killed anything?
I've maybe squished some bugs, that shouldn't count.
Technically my car killed the things, that shouldn't count either.
I had a license! And I was wearing orange to be safe!
My friends help me move. My real friends help me move bodies.

Favorite revenge tool...
Revenge is wrong!
Tobasco sauce
Spray paint

What do bunnies make you think of?
Happy fluffy hoppy things.
Rock throwing targets.

Favorite holiday...
Valentine's Day
April Fool's Day

Favorite color

You learn that your good friend is scared to death of spiders. What do you do?
Shuffle all spiders you see out the door so he won't see them
Start stomping
Find a really great looking fake spider and throw it at her
Fill his room with spiders

You're having a picnic and a puppy runs over and looks at your food with cute, big brown puppy eyes. What do you do?
Give him some food and play with him... he's cute!
Throw a little bite far into the trees, then switch picnic spots
Eat right in front of it and make lip-smacking sounds just to tease it
Kick the puppy!

There's a mime. He's on fire. How do you feel?
Very sad, no one should suffer like this.
Like someone should maybe put him out
Heh. It's sick, but kinda funny
Dude, I'd buy a ticket to see that.

You find a lost wallet. What do you do?
Find its owner and return it right away.
Buy yourself lunch. Then return it.
Return it if you're bored with nothing better to do.
Are there credit cards? It's internet porno time!

What type of career would you like to have?
One where you help people.
One where you make gobs of money.
One where you get to destroy things.
You want to be a lawyer.

What's your favorite type of house plant?
Something that makes pretty flowers.
Something really easy to take care of.
Something weird and thorny looking.
Those crazy bug-eating plants.

You're Done!
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