Take Up A Hobby!

Since our happy website here doesn't offer much in the way of christmas gifts, homework help, nutrition advice or shocking exposes of high-running government conspiracies, we think it's safe to assume that people visit for one reason: they're bored out of their minds! We can't hate them for that either, because if it wasn't for boredom this site wouldn't have been made in the first place.

So we decided to send relief to all the desperately bored people on the internet with this helpful quiz. Just tell us a little about yourself and what you're like, and we'll give you an idea of something stupid to do to occupy your time (besides visit this website, of course). None of our quizzes make any damn sense and this one won't either, but you'll have fun taking it and that's all that counts.

Instructions: We're not giving any. If you need instructions, you're not going to be able to handle new extracurricular activities, okay?

Description No Way! No Not really Sort of Yes Exactly!
You like people
You have lots of hobbies already
You read at least eight books a year
You memorize phone numbers
You like to go outside
You can sit still
You live in a house
You can fix your own computer
You like to stay up really late
You're organized
You keep everything
You're energetic
You're creative
You get good grades in school
People's opinions can't discourage you
You like to make things
People like you
You always know where to start
You have time
You have money
You like peace and quiet
You want to be smarter
You want to be more athletic
You like string
If you start a project, you can finish it
You have courage
You like animals
You can teach yourself things
You can lift very heavy objects
You have a job
You can focus on one thing
You want to be healthier
You like to be alone
People think you're a freak