The Militant Feminist Quiz

There comes a time in every girls life when she asks that eternal question that starts, "I know I'm a feminist, but am I a militant feminist? Am I a no mercy, power seeking, man burning woman or just someone trying for equal treatment?" Here's where you find out! To be honest, it's probably not good to hate anyone, but if you're gonna pick a group, it might as well be men, am I right ladies? Hell yeah!

Alright, on with the quiz...

When you see a man walking down the street, do you
Smile and wave in hopes that he will ask you for your number or touch your butt.
Just keep walking. He's just a guy, what's wrong with that?
Walk on the other side of the street. If he's a man, then he's bad news.
Kick him in the groin, pour kerosene on him, and set him on fire.

Your best friend calls you, sobbing, on the phone because her boyfriend is having sex with twelve other girls. You tell her
To call him and apologize for driving him away. She must be the reason.
Break up with him. It's okay to be single.
Never date again! This just proves that all men suck.
Go to his house, kick him in the groin, pour kerosene on him, and set him on fire.

You consider which of the following to be your best quality:
You are very agreable and never say no to anything
You are just an intellegent person and a good friend.
Your hairy armpits.
The fact that you have rid the world of over 30 men by setting them on fire.

You find out in your office that, even though Bob Shmoe has the same job you do, he gets paid five times more. In response, you
Do nothing. Maybe it's because he's a hard worker.
Ask for a raise. You deserve one anyway, no matter what Bob earns.
Quit your job and sue the company. Demand prison time for your boss.
Find your boss, kick him in the groin, pour kerosene on him, and set him on fire. And, while you're at it, do the same to Bob.

Your last relationship with a man lasted
It's still going on. You're in love.
1-6 months. It was fun while it lasted, but you had to move on.
Less than a month. You refuse to be pinned down by that sex!
0 months. You have never had a relationship with a man because you are a lesbian.

Your brother (or any guy, for that matter) asks you to iron his shirts for you because he's busy. You
Iron them. Along with his pants.
Iron them, but make him pay you $50 in return.
Refuse to iron them under any conditions and throw the shirts away.
How dare he ask! You kick him in the groin, pour kerosene on him, and set him on fire.

Joe Doe is kind of weird, but has had a crush on you for two years. You don't like him much, but one day when you are home sick with the flu, he brings you a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup. You
Accept it and in return promise to sleep with him.
Thank him graciously for it, let him sit and talk to you while you eat it, and reconsider that movie date he keeps bugging you about.
Eat the soup, but make him leave. You don't want him hanging around.
Don't take the soup! Knowing a man, it's probably poisoned! And never speak to him again!

You believe that, because you are a woman, you deserve
To be blamed for the original sin.
Equal treatment, but that's it.
Millions of dollars and preferential treatment in the job industry.
Your own militia of slave-labor males to nuke anyone who bugs you.

What type of clothing do you wear on a daily basis?
Mini-skirts and uncomfortable heels.
Slacks at work, jeans and T-shirts everywhere else.
Flannel. All flannel.
Shirts depicting feminist slogans and graphic depictions of crimes against women around the world or men being burned.

The best way, in your opinion, to prevent rape is to
Encourage girls to start enjoying it.
Enforce tougher prison sentences and inprove education.
Mass castration of convicts.
Start killing men. If they are all gone, our problems are solved.

You witness a man hit his wife in public. You
Figure she deserved it and do nothing.
Casually slip her the number of an abuse shelter.
Find her husband, kick him in the groin, pour kerosene on him, and set him on fire.
Kidnap the man and tie him in your basement where he will endure a long, tortuous death.

At a rock concert, you
Try to get laid, if possible by one of the band members.
Dance. Maybe meet some nifty new people or buy a T-shirt.
Watch carefully for drunk girls who could be rape victims to hide backstage.
Lay on a grassy knoll with your sniper rifle shooting guys in the crowd.

Your stance on abortion is
Strongly against. You have killed three abortion doctors.
Moderately against. It's sad, but government involvement seems unproductive.
Moderately for. Women should have the right to choose when it comes to their bodies.
Strongly for. It's sad that some women choose to have babies. Pregnancy is oppression!

How many men do you know that you would consider yourself friends with?
None. Either you don't know them or you've slept with them- nothing in between
Quite a few. You talk to them a lot and they're fun to be around.
A couple. But you made sure they were all gay first- you can't trust the others.
None. Any male that got close enough to you to say hello, you burned.

You think that world peace is
A good idea, but you like to think of men defending you, in war or otherwise.
An ideal goal. The US should strive to it.
Terrible. Women will never have the opportunity to prove themselves in combat.
It would be fine in a world without men. That's why you kill so many. To encourage world peace.

Your favorite food is
Water. You need to stay thin to please your boyfriend.
Pasta. Or pizza. Anything with zesty flavor, really.
Anything that can be eaten while picketing sexist corporations.
Human flesh torn from greedy, oppressive men.

The person you most aspire to be like is
Baby Spice from the spice girls.
Gandhi- he inspired so many people to make such a difference.
Xena Warrior Princess, but with more clothing
Charles Manson, but with feminism behind you instead of insanity.

When you see women in pornography on the internet,
It's usually a picture of you.
You go to another web site
You find out who put it on there and send them mass e-mails advising them to respect women now.
You petition the government to shut the entire internet down.

If you were a man, you would
Still want to wear uncomfortable shoes and mini-skirts.
Be happy to stop shaving your legs.
Still fight ardently for women's rights.
Kill yourself.

Your bedroom is
The center of a prostitution ring.
The place where you sleep.
A shrine to feminists of the past.
A tomb of murdered former sexual predators.

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