Spacefem's rapture prediction generator

Are you tired of everyone else predicting the end of the world? Do you feel like you have just as good a chance of making the call as anybody? Well we've got just the tool for you! Spacefem's rapture prediction generator will help you call a date that seems fitting so you can impress all your friends if it's right. And if you're wrong, well, come on back. It's amazing how many times people will believe you on this sort of thing.

1) Enter your name:

2) What would you like to predict?
Major natural disaster
Zombie Apocalypse
Destructive Alien Invasion
End of the world

3) What percentage of the world's population will be saved?

4) This catastrophic event will occur between and years from now.
You can change these numbers, for example, if you have a big party coming up set the date to occur at least a year from now. If you owe back taxes, set the second number to 1.

5) Finally, enter some random number between 1 and 10000 that we can use just for fun: