Spacefem's Digital Scrapbook Paper Pack Generator

This simple tool lets you apply any color you want to our collection of public domain patterns that make great scrapbook paper. I know this isn't the only one of these things on the web, but it's the simplest! I just couldn't believe how hard it was one day to find a simple chevron pattern and figured the world could use something like this.

Enter a hexadecimal HTML color in the box below. If you don't know what that is, you can use a color picker like the one at
The resulting page will generate a whole bunch of 300 pixel seamless tileable images in all kinds of handy patterns... stripes, swirls, paper textures, and of COURSE chevrons :) All images are released into the public domain. I made some of them, others are from openclipart, the important thing is that you can do whatever you want!

Can't think of a color? Try one of these:

773080 fc1f02 bc3a4b eac474 b135c8 efc0bf d50d0c 37274d d02911 b98d77 4104a8 c101c8 c3bd02 0ea7c7 8359fd 4b49bd 0a1ecb 1756f2 64271c 75e0a9 ed21ae 95e3b0 5da66d 60b515 28386f 2584b8 e28fd7 ada62d a00b54 bc8134 666e56 150439 c562e0 33c396 49ebce b81053 70f2e2 47a089 754094 c9fd15 fe6484 557989 8e3feb 6f72ae 05bc9a d474aa 27e49d 0a2c3e 93a17f 276b7d 3d6ae1 c1bf5b 4a4e9b 36bd0d e5c3c9 7f973e 2abf23 c8c94f 065cf1 85835d 02c1c7 e48386 3fced5 da0492 e8ea55 b26aed f094ac 145d75 6363d1 55e855 b2ea16 79ce99 000e68 d5e96c 68d157 bd84c1 aa7556 5789b3 cced17 9d42ff f2f5ea 096eb9 a36fc7 0b44b0 78ad82 cf6a06 91157c e86c05 9c39f2 b3d635 b3c92a 9dd399 567608 1e824d cffafa 52ca65 595c7b d544e8 dae121 cd94f8 0247c2

Link to the generator

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