First a note: I like to make all kinds of things. This page is really for coding, but if you're interested in arts and crafts tutorials those are on my blogspot blog. You might also be looking for my skirt pattern calculator. Okay, on to the computer stuff...

No one is born knowing HTML and JavaScript, it's just a fact of life. This website you're looking at may seem pretty big, but it started out as a three-page geocities homepage back in the day. After going at this for a few years, I've picked up more and more tricks, but nothing is really all that complicated. Being on the web is all about knowing your resources and not being afraid to jump in there and do it.

So that's why I made these tutorials, to help some of you who are just getting started. It's also to help reduce my e-mail load because I always have people asking how I make quizzes and things like that... really it's not difficult, it just takes patience (and a text editor).

I hope you learn something from these tutorials. I tried to keep things pretty simple and just discuss the basics, because there are lots of sites out there for the more advanced programmer. If you get stuck somewhere or if something confuses me, I hope you'll drop me an e-mail (spacefem@spacefem.com) because the goal here really is to have tutorials that people understand.

That said, on with the show!

The Very Basic HTML Tutorial
This will guide you through making a basic HTML page if you've never done it before. You'll learn what tags are and how to use them.

JavaScript Quizzes: The Points-Based Quiz
A guide to making a simple online JavaScript quiz that calculates results based on the number of points you get.

JavaScript Quizzes: The Type-Based Quiz
Like the points-based quiz, except that this one lets you pick different "types" and assigns the result based on which "type" got the most chosen answers.

Quiz Answer Pages
This tells how to make codes available for people to copy and display results on their pages.

Troubleshooting JavaScript
So you made your whole neat quiz and for some reason, it doesn't work? You're not the first! Read this, it might help.

HTML Entities Converter
If you want to publish HTML without the web page reading it, you break up its components into their individual character codes. This form does that for you, so if you want to tell everyone "Paste this code:" you can put something there for them to copy.

HTML Special Characters
The numerical ASCII HTML character codes, in the common windows symbol fonts.

Date Formatting
Quick conversion tables for unix date format

PHP Quiz
A good way to learn php - make a short quiz

PHP Fast Tutorial
Quick conversion tables for unix date format