Making Quiz Answer Pages Tutorial

Okay, the whole point of quizzes is to get people to show their answers on forums, web logs, etc. and link back to you. Here's how to set that up.

First, make the code yourself. It'll probably look something like this:
<a href="">
<img src=">

This will put a centered image on any page, that links back to you.

To make this code to people can just cut and copy it, you'll have to tell the browser to show all the ">" and "<" symbols instead of using them in tags. The best way I've found to do this is to replace them with the HTML character codes. Basically, these are "greater than" and "less than" signs, so... Don't put any spaces in. I know, it looks crowded, but it's the way it'll work. So now your code will look like this on your editor:
&lt;a href=""&gt;
&lt;img src=""&gt;
But it will look like the code in the first box to people visiting the site. They'll be able to cut and copy it for their own pages.

New: if you're too lazy to go through and do this to the code yourself, which I am, I made this nice little tool that does it for you.