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Borderline Legal is one of our private forums.

Who Joins Borderline Legal?

The members of this forum were born between the years 1900-1987 and are of a colorful bunch whose careers range from pimps to prostitutes. A few younger people have somehow weaseled their way in. Please note that these "younger" people are quite a bit older now.

If you are a forum member, you can join through your user control panel. Go to the tab called "usergroups". You will have to be approved.

What goes on in Borderline Legal?

Threads are generally of a sexual nature.

What is the appeal?

As with any private forum, members can feel free to post private subjects and not have to worry about "the man" hearing about their goings-on through Google. Other than this, there is no appeal, except that by posting explicit matters within you can protect the children. Won't somebody please think of the children?


Borderline Legal was originally for the 16-19 year age group... its members were between 16 and 19 years old and just getting to do important society things like voting and buying pr0n. There was a 13-15 forum for the crazy young kids that everyone wanted to isolate, and an adult forum for the 19 & up crowd. But the adult forum proved really boring so no one in BL actually wanted to join it when they turned 19, they just kept getting older. Eventually we got rid of the adult forum entirely and borderline agreed to admit anyone born in 1987 or earlier... the year that the youngest BL members were born. Of course, now nearly everyone in there is entirely legal (from an age standpoint) so the name is a mere formality. We just can't think up a better one.