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Hell is a dark sad place where humanity is separated from all that is good in this world.

It's also a forum where stupidity goes to die. No thread survives more than 3-4 days in hell. To recommend a thread for hell, use the :gotohell: emoticon or contact one of the moderators (of the forum it's in) via PM.

When to post in hell

You may post directly in hell if you:

  • Are drunk
  • Have a link you want to share, but there's not much we could really discuss about it besides "okay, yup, it's a website."
  • Have a stupid forum game you want us to play
  • Took an internet quiz and wish to share your results with the group.

You should not post a thread in hell if it could generate interesting discussion. In fact, if your thread generates 20-30 interesting replies it will likely be promoted out of hell.

Rulers of Hell

Rulers of hell are an elite and special group of sexy elf-demons who choose hell over other more valid forums, probably because they get to delete stuff whenever they feel like it. Storage is the current ruler of hell. The hell moderator can and will delete your thread at random if it:

  • hasn't been posted in for a few days
  • seems like you might find it amusing
  • looks weird

Rulers of hell cannot go out to the other forums to claim threads, they can only manage threads that are already there.