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Newbie of the month is a contest we have where we just have members pick their favorite newbie. Sometimes we combine months, if there were lots of newbies. Sometimes we skip months entirely. For a while there, we had newbie of the week because we were getting tons of new members... that's actually what started all this. Established members spent so much time bashing the newbies that we wanted to encourage some positiveness.

If you don't win newbie of the month, it doesn't mean that we don't love you. Often it's just a timing issue. But if you do win, or even if you get some votes, stick around. It's a sign that we think you could do great things on the forum.

You are allowed to vote for yourself. You can also campaign for yourself, but only in the actual thread. It's encouraged, to an extent.

Notable Newbies

Many newbies don't stick around long enough to get the 128 posts required for a wiki page, but some do, and here they are:

User Year Month
ArtificialAmore 2003 January
Chococat 2003 April
Le Pingouin 2003 April
Girlwithamansname 2003 July
Darkliquid 2004 March
Trombonekatie 2004 November
Elanna 2007 November
Cameo 2008 June
Lucretia 2008 August