Why can't new members create topics?

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We've learned that Spacefem.com attracts two basic types of members:

Type 1: Nice people who want to be a member of our community. They browse around to find out how to get involved in the conversation, introduce themselves in the newbie forum, respond to some threads, and then after a while they realize they have an insightful question that might promote discussion and should post it as a topic.

Type 2: Assholes who want to jump straight into the Feminism forum to post a thread calling us all man-hating bra-burning bitches. Their threads get moved straight to hell, because we've seen it all before. For instance the question of whether we hate men is addressed here in the Feminism FAQ.

Anyway, to save ourselves some work, we just made it so newbies could only post in two places: the new members forum, and hell. It's up to you to decide what kind of new member you want to be.

We realize you can post three replies quickly as a formality to avoid reading or contributing to the community. Members who do this give us a good sense of what kind of member they're going to be.

Also, occasionally someone really does have a good (aka respectful) question for us that deserves to be a topic in a forum like feminism or advice. We get students working on women's studies projects, other bloggers looking for interviews, that sort of thing. As a newbie you should still post these threads in New Members, and our friendly moderators will move it to an appropriate place if we decide you're okay.

So basically this policy is to help keep make our sometimes controversial feminism forum a friendly nice place where we can discuss feminist issues, instead of a crap lagoon for trolls.

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