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Wiki membership is restricted to forum members who've been around at least 30 days, with a post count of at least 128. Here's how it works.

  1. If you haven't already, you join the forum.
  2. Make sure your forum e-mail is up to date.
  3. Run this script by clicking the link: [1]. We try to run it every 30 days or so, but if you update something about yourself or just hit the magic post level, you can speed things up by running it yourself.
  4. Go to Special:UserLogin
  5. The gist is that you have a wiki account associated with your e-mail address, you just don't know the password. No one does. So type in your address, hit "e-mail password" and wait for the magic to happen.
  6. Once you get an e-mail you should be able to log in.

The first page you edit should be your userpage... click your name on the top of the wiki when you're logged in to see what's there. Tell us about you, post a picture, whatever, it's yours.

Your username on the forum might be slightly different from your wiki username. Wiki usernames do not allow spaces, so an underscore (_) is used instead. They're also case sensitive, so keep that in mind when logging in.